MacStowe Sessions

In our sessions, anything you tell us is received in a space of nonjudgemental unconditional love. All of our healings are 100% confidential. With booking our sessions, we will align you with your(self) and give you messages that will help align you with your journey. All of our sessions charge a donation, if you can't afford the donation, REACH OUT TO US. We charge so we have the ability to give healings for free. We love you. See you soon.


Let's schedule a phone call! With booking this session you receive a FREE Oracle Card reading, and a face to face interaction right over the phone! Let’s guide you to your(self).

You can request a Skype, Facetime, or a standard phone call. 

Video Call Session

1 hour



Let's speak directly to your guiding angels, and ask them for the answers you’ve been searching for. 

Via: Skype, Facetime, or standard phone call. 

Oracle Card Reading

30 mins


In Person Interaction

2 hours

You can meet us where ever we are currently located. Let's meet at your favorite coffee shop or park and create your most comfortable space for growth. We offer House Calls, which include a home cooked vegan meal before your 2 hours begin. Contact us for more details. 


Pay with what you can for your session. We love you and our only aim is to help you. Let's make it happen! (SESSION SUBJECT TO APPROVAL)

Donation for a session

2 hours

Bring what you can afford