Our Reason

We love you unconditionally

Yes, YOU! 

We love you so much. There is no problem, no trait, no action that you can experience that will change this fact. You have manifested us as your sign that an unconditional love can exist, and that you to are not only part of it, but you are it. You are a beautiful being of unconditional love, all you needed was a reminder. Here it is. 


We love you collectively

We are traveling the world to bring unconditional love to as many people as possible. The form does not matter. If your streets need cleaning, we will clean them. If your neighborhood needs painting, we will paint it. If your community needs love and attention, we will provide it. We are here to help and provide. We are not an entity of capitalism. We exist purely to serve humanity. We accept currency of any form for our work. Love, money, endorsements, anything that you feel reflects our value we accept, but know whatever you give will be given to someone who truly needs it and cherished by us forever. If you need further information about our currency exchange let us know. We appreciate your help. We love you!